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by Craftymatt2 » 2 months ago

Frozen-MC Content Creators


Are you a Youtuber? Want to make regular videos on the server? Want some super cool perks in game and on our discord? 

Youtuber requirements:

》You must have at least 200 subscribers
》You must have already have made 2 videos on the server
》You need an average of at least 30 views per video


You're a streamer on Twitch? That's awesome! Want to stream on our server? You can do it with a fancy Twitch Streamer rank with some awesome perks.

Twitch streamer requirements:

》You must have at least 200 followers
》You must have already streamed 2 times on the server
》You need an average of at least 10 viewers per stream

Content Creator Rules

》You must be active within the Discord and the Minecraft servers
》You must record at least 2 videos or streams per week on the Minecraft server
》You must follow all rules, just like any other members
》Trolling/Griefing is not allowed as a video/stream idea

Creator Perks

》Your very own YouTube/Twitch rank
》The content creators private channel in discord
》Ability to post and promote your channel & videos you make on the server in the adverts discord channel
》Everything that comes with Omega rank
》5 crate keys whenever your recording or streaming

To become a content creator on Frozen-MC, create a ticket in our Discord server.


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